America’s Obsession with Sex:

A Grain of Salt | ElbyJames
7 min readOct 3, 2018

The top five notable adult movies of all time plus a bonus!

America is obsessed with sex and in love with porn. You might not watch porn, you might not like porn, you may even detest porn, but just about everything around you is influenced by skin flicks. Fashion, music, video and films, television, and advertisements are all influenced by adult movies.

It used to be, back in the 70s and before that if one was caught with porn they would be ridiculed. Of course, in the pre VCR days the only porn one could get would be magazines. A few people (who could afford it) would actually have small, portable projectors and throw stag parties which centered on porn.

The only other way to enjoy porn was in the small, seedy theaters which specialized in adult films, mostly low production quality, 35mm, and independently produced; these movies were categorized as “sexploitation” movies.

One would sneak into the theater making sure not to be spotted by a co-worker or friend of the family. Being seen exiting one of these “establishments” could be fatal to a relationship or a career.

There were only around 20 adult theaters in the US in the 60s and by mid 70s that number rose to 750. These theaters moved from low quality “sexploitation” movies to featuring 16mm “beaver” films. Porn’s influence slowly crept into society between the 70s to present day culture.

Fashion was one of the first to blend porn and fashion. As far back as 1971, Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion campaign for Pour Homme featured Yves Saint Laurent himself completely naked. Calvin Klein’s no stranger either when blurring porn with fashion. Remember Brooke Shields and Kate Moss? What about advertisements in general?

Companies such as American Apparel, Burberry, and Chanel (as well as others) are just as creative at injecting porn-like images into their advertisements; advertisers have their models scantly cladded and assuming suggestive poses.

Remember Dolce and Gabbana’s image of a woman in a sexualized position surrounded by men? If that doesn’t scream porn then I don’t know what…

A Grain of Salt | ElbyJames

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