Do You Have Self-Doubt?

We all have self doubt at one time or another in our lives

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I struggle with self-doubt. I’ve struggled with it on and off for years, as far back as I can remember. In fact, I’ve played arm-chair psychiatrist — along with my limited visits with a therapist — and figured out where my self doubt originated from.

What is self-doubt? It’s a belief which limits our ability to live a happy and fulfilled life. Self-doubt is defined as the lack of confidence in one’s own abilities. To a certain degree, it’s generally held to be normal, questioning one’s ability may be what it takes to master a new or challenging task. It’s when self-doubt becomes self-consuming, affecting daily function, or impeding performance at work or school is when it becomes problematic.

Where Does Self-Doubt Come From

Where does self-doubt come from? Self-doubt can stem from early childhood experiences, which may include issues with attachment. An insecure attachment — as opposed to a secure attachment in which the child experiences consistently positive interactions — is characterized by inconsistent or negative interactions with parents. An insecure attachment can lead one to question one’s worthiness and may contribute to the development of a general sense of self-doubt, as well as other mental health concerns.

Those who are consistently told they aren’t good enough, are incapable, or they are otherwise lacking may internalize these thoughts and experience a level of self-doubt which is harmful to development as well as mental and physical well-being.

Three Causes Of Self-Doubt

There are three causes of self-doubt which is nearly universal : comparing yourself to others, fixation on a particular outcome, and you don’t deserve any of your accomplishments.

Comparing Yourself To Others. When plagued with self-doubt, we believe we can’t do anything, and if we dig a bit deeper, we will invariably find this belief arises from comparison.

We believe we can’t do it the way someone else does it.

According to social comparison theory, this drive is part of our basic desire to understand…



A Grain of Salt | ElbyJames

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