How to Get Published in Publications: The Beginner’s Guide to Medium #1

There’s the email!
  1. When did they publish their last post?
  2. How many posts have they published in December, November, October?
  3. How many this month?
  4. Do you see a problem now?
  1. Make a selection of the publications you are interested in
  2. Evaluate them and the chances to get published there (is it a good fit for your work, are your posts of comparable quality…)
  3. Look for the submission guidelines and adhere to them
  4. If and ONLY if you cannot find the submission guidelines, look for an email and then submit the link to your post (no attachments) through email
  5. Good luck!



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A Grain of Salt

A Grain of Salt

I’m an American disabled combat vet exiled in the UK & a free speech absolutist. I’m also a 3x top writer.