How to Journal for Anger Management In 3 Easy Steps

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8 min readApr 22, 2020
How to Journal for Anger Management . . . In 3 Easy Steps . . . and it’s free (almost)
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Would you like to have control over your life?

Would you like to have healthy relationships?

Would you like to be happy?

Imagine being calm and cool during at work. Imagine receiving a costly invoice you weren’t expecting and you controlled your anger successfully. This could be you after deploying a few anger management techniques.

What’s in it for me?

The benefits of journaling? First, you’ve just taken some time to look at yourself, which continues the flow of therapy and makes you more aware.

Secondly, you’ve begun to organize what can seem like a bunch of disjointed material. Journaling forces you to funnel disparate thoughts into one linear stream.

Finally, you’re keeping a record of your progress. People who journal for a few months are amazed when they look back to see where they were. Journaling helps therapy extend beyond the session.

But, journaling can only help if you realize you have a problem.

Do you ever kick your dog?

People don’t recognize they have an anger problem until it’s too late. The first step to controlling anger issues is to admit there’s a problem. People who have major anger issues cannot see it.

Individuals, who have trouble admitting they have anger problems and accepting responsibility for their actions, often play the blame game. They have difficulty seeing the situation as being their fault. There’s always something or someone to blame. Their fits of anger are always blamed on something else. These individuals could really use a few lessons in anger management. However, they need to accept their actions and reactions for what they are, anger.

People find it demeaning when it’s suggested they have an anger problem. It’s their lack of acceptance which prevents them from seeking help; it will eventually cause major problems such as losing their family or losing their job. Anger management for the individual will likely save their family, prevent the loss of their job and loss of their own identity.

Anger management is seen as a punishment by those who have anger issues. Seeking therapy assures…

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