How To Become a Successful Writer at Top Media Websites Such as HuffPost, BuzzFeed, & Other Top Sites

The harsh realities of becoming a successful blogger aren’t what you think.


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Everybody wants to write for the top media websites such as HuffPost, BuzzFeed, and others. I get it, that’s a lot of exposure and the byline brings credibility, but the way to becoming a successful as a blogger isn’t what you think.

I’ve read every post on Medium about how to become a successful blogger so you don’t have to. I’ve watched hundreds of videos on Youtube about this subject also. There’s a lot of conflicting opinions on this topic.

Before I go any further I have to interject that everybody’s idea of success is different.

After a year of researching and reading, these are my conclusions:

  1. People (except immediate family) don’t care about you,

2. People don’t care about your content,

3. People don’t care about your brand.

A little harsh but the truth hurts. So, how do you become successful at blogging?

My advice for creating a successful blogging strategy? Quit concentrating on writing and do something else, that’s how.

Became great at sports. Become a celebrity. Become a politician. Become a musician. Become a criminal. Become controversial. Become great at anything other than writing. Become famous, or at least infamous.

Then, pen a memoir, write a blog, or be columnist for a major newspaper and you will be successful. Success begets success.

Those who do find success at blogging on their talent alone, are anomalies.

Everyone from Michelle Obama and Bruce Springsteen to Tina Fey and Derek Jeter have been at the top of the New York Times best seller list. Do you think they could accomplish this if they weren’t a celebrity?

What about Megyn Kelly or Trevor Noah? Nope.

Amy Schumer or Carrie Fisher? Nope.

Donald Trump? Nope.

They needed their celebrity status to crack even a meagre book deal.

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